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Tom & Mary at the Castle

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

On 30th December last year I was asked to be a part of Tom & Mary's wedding day. They chose to have a lovely intimate wedding it the Benefactors Room, inside the incredibly beautiful Norwich Castle. After the ceremony they had their wedding reception in the St Giles House Hotel.

Norwich Castle

St Giles House Hotel

Weddings are always one of those events that mean absolutely everything to the people there, and you can't help but feel the pressure and responsibility of recording the Bride and Groom's special day. But with that pressure comes great reward, satisfaction and joy when you show the newly married couple the photos of the day.

Tom and Mary's wedding was not only important to them because they were getting married, but also because they are moving abroad for a few years for Tom's work. The photos from their wedding would not be looked back at in fond memory because of their marriage, but also a way to allow them to remember friends and family whilst they are away.

After several weekends in a row of rain & wind, and reading the weather forecast the day before, it didn't sound good. Whilst everyone has a back up plan for a wet wedding, no one actually wants to bring that plan into fruition. So leaving my house on the Saturday morning it was a great relief to see a sky that promised to bring a clear day.

The day turned out to have the nicest weather for the entire month! The sky was slightly cloudy, giving the light a beautiful soft look, which is always a huge help for a photographer.

Tom and Mary's wedding went without hitch and was filled with fun and laughter. I wish them love and happiness and long may their marriage last.

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